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Welcome to Bebo and Company!

We are a pet grooming salon located in north Louisiana, that offers puppies bred by the owner of the shop to loving pet homes.  You will also find quality pet items at very competitive prices here for your canine companion such as beds, bowls, clothing, collars, harnesses, bowls, toys, treats, and much more!


The business was started in 1995 by Rebecca Bice Huff, and operated for 15 years under the name A Touch of Nature Pet Shop.  We used to be a full line pet shop... and around 2005 began the transition to become strictly a grooming shop that catered to puppies and dogs.  It was the owner's belief that selling puppies from other sources was out of the question...therefore she began the quest to breed her own puppies.  And Bebo and Company was born!

Since doing so... our puppies have beenshipped all over the US, Canada, Alaska, and even Puerto Rico and Colombia.  Everyone who purchased a puppy from us...wanted to know how they could purchase the little clothes, charms, and collars they saw on the puppies pictures.  So... beboandcompany.com is the answer to that request!  Hope you enjoy it!

Update:  In April of 2015 Bebo and Co sold the grooming shop segment of its business to a local groomer.  The grooming shop is still located at 212 West Mississippi in Ruston where it's always been, but is now called Rhonda's Soggy Doggy.  Bebo and Company is a separate business that only breeds and sells puppies, and although we do bring puppies to the shop almost every weekend for people to come play...Bebo and Co is not affiliated with Rhonda's Soggy Doggy in any other way.


Letter From The Owner/Breeder

Hi!  I'm Rebecca Huff. I am writing this so you know who you are putting your trust in to provide you with loving care for your pet being groomed, your new puppy that I may be shipping to you across the country, or the person who is recommending the purchases from my ecommerce site.  My business has been run all of these years, through many ups and downs, by simply getting to know my customers and doing my utmost best to take very good care of them!

I have lived in Ruston, Louisiana all of my life.  I grew up an only child in a neighborhood with only elderly people and not many children to play with.  My love for animals started then...they were my friends!  I grew up with two Border Collies named Dexter and Hermes, a cat named Mitty the Kitty, a fish aquarium with minnows I caught at the lake and goldfish I won at the fair, and a horse named Cherokee who I bought with my own money at age 13.  That was my life!

Upon entering college at Louisiana Tech University, the only realistic answer to the question of "What do you want to be when you grow up?"...was a vet!  So... I proceeded forward with that...and obtained my undergraduate degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine in 1993 while at the same time working at Ruston Animal Clinic under the supervision of Dr. Edwin Davis, DVM. 

Unfortunately, family circumstances prevented me from moving away and going to vet school...so after graduation I got a job with a company called Southern Livestock Supply out of Baton Rouge, LA in which I traveled all over Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi and sold supplies to vets, feed and farm stores, and pet shops.  It was at this time...my idea of opening my own shop was born and began to manifest.

A Touch of Nature was opened in December of 1996, and was an instant hit!  I was 26 years old, and HAD NO CLUE  how to run a business... so it was quite a challenge and I made a lot of mistakes! But by the grace of God...I have learned from them all and we have survived a lot of trying times.

In 2002 I divorced, and officially became a single mom.  In 2005 I went back to school, and obtained my degree to become a Registered Nurse...to give myself and my son stability when suffering the ups and downs of being in business for yourself.  In 2007, my son's father passed away...and this is when we got our little Coton de Tulear that we named...Bebo (which incidentally was my nickname growning up!).  Bebo helped us through our grieving process... and was the catalyst to breeding our own puppies!  She gave us so much happiness in such a difficult time...that I wanted to be able to provide others with the same joy.

My son, Tristen,  and I have been breeding puppies for loving pet homes ever since! We own a 5 acre piece of property out in the country.  It is absolutely a passion...that I happen to be able to make a living doing...how great is that??  It is my goal to provide you with excellent pet grooming at my shop and excellent service whether you are local or anywhere else!  My puppies AND my adult dogs are healthy, well socialized, and LOVED! 

If you took the time to read this...Thank You!  I believe it is important that you know who you are trusting to provide you with the next new member of your family! 


Rebecca Bice Huff - owner/breeder

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